Macy Lynn Bush
September 14, 1998 - July 17, 1999

Macy was tragically taken from us July 17, 1999 along with her father, Jon.  She was just beginning her life and had only lived 10 months of it.  In that 10 months we created what ended up as our lifetime of memories with Macy.  She was a delightful baby girl.  She made your heart smile.  We loved her very much.
Woke up this morning, you were on my mind, 
I've had so many questions, the answers I can't find.
You were taken away from me, the tears have never dried,
But who am I as mortal man, to ask our Lord why?

But, I miss you, wish you were here.
Things are not quite the same, won't ever be I fear.
Your smiling face, that joyful laugh, the funny things we'd do-
Heaven must have needed someone very special for Jesus to take you.

I made it through the darkest times my life has ever seen.
No one ever said it was easy, to live through a broken dream.
I've heard there are many others, that feel the way I do,
So I'm not alone when I kneel to God and tell him I miss you.

- I Miss You
 By Jim Jacobs